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How to Extract Music from YouTube Videos?

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YouTube, one of the biggest platforms that provides the largest collection of music video streaming online all over the world. YouTube video can help us in cooking, exercising, dance, party, and fact in everything. It helps us to walk freely with music in our head in the park. Since many of us don't watch videos of the song but love to listen. But YouTube plays the song with video-only. It also takes a large amount of data to do so. So, to avoid that there are many ways through which one can extract music from YouTube videos. There is an application that is available for this Conversion or you can also use an online video converter for the same. Yes, you can convert your YouTube video into several different formats like MP3, MP4, and many more. The choice is yours and according to your preference. So, let's learn about these basic extractions and downloading music from YouTube videos.

Here are some ways of extractions and downloading music

1. Use 4k Video Downloader:

* You have to paste a 4k video downloader file link from Google. And go the link -

* Click download button appearing in the left side of the page and follow the same according to your device:

WINDOWS- if you are a windows user then you have to double click the setup file and onscreen instructions.

MAC- if you are a Mac user then you have to double click the setup file, verify the installation, and drag the 4k video downloader into an "application" folder.

* Now, open the YouTube with the help of link and search for the video song you want to download.

* Copy the link and go to the Downloader. If using windows then start windows and if using Mac then use the spotlight and search 4k Video downloader. Do you know about Ytmp3 Conv YouTube to mp3 converter?

* Paste the copied link and wait for the video since its process is complete.

* Click the download button with the required quality. Then press the browse button to save the location.

* Click the extract button and your video will start extracting!

2. Use VLC Media Player:

* Open the YouTube on your browser with the help of and copy the link of your video song you want to extract music from.

* Open your VLC application and if you don't have one in your computer then simply download it from

* Open with a new network stream, that allows you to play the content from your web browser in VLC. Either convert youtube to mp4 for fast mp3 or mp4 conversion.

WINDOWS- press media, then open a new network stream.

MAC- press file, open new network.

* Press right-click and select the paste option. Now, click play or open.

* Open the videos with "codec" info.

WINDOWS- press tools, then codec info.

MAC- press window, then media info.

* Copy the content of the location field and open video in the browser.

* Click right on the video and select save video as. Again, reopen the VLC media player if necessary.

*Open the Downloaded video into the Converter menu. Press the Convert/Save button.

* Select your preference from the profile menu. And click browse to the saving location.

*Click start and then force quit-VLC. If it shows error then, force quit again or Shift + Esc.

3. You can use YouTube Music Premium:

* Subscribe to the YouTube premium menu otherwise if you have already subscribed then try it with the help of YouTube.

* Open its application on your mobile devices and go to a song you want to download.

* Tap the Downloaded arrow or menu for the playlist if you want to download one from your playlist.

* Click download!

4. By using VD on a Browser:

* Open your web browser and go the

* Go to the video you want to download and extract music from. Then, click on the video address and add "vd" before YouTube. Press enters. It will take your webpage to the VDY website.

* Select audio or Video quality as per your preference.

*Your audio or video will begin to download!

These are some of the ways available through which one can download his/her YouTube video or extract music from YouTube videos. You can also prefer using YouTube video downloader, airy YouTube video downloader, videoduke, for the same. All these steps will take a while to do so but give you the best-expected result. And we all can spend a little of our time for better output! Now you know what's best for you. And how to select one of your choices.

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